Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Other than the new background and title, I thought I'd share some of my favorite music from Japan with you. I'm not as familiar with the Japanese music scene as I'd like to be, but hopefully this will still be enjoyable. The first half is rock and the second is mostly pop, its kind of a haphazard mix so don't be too critical of it.

いま ねます。 じゃあ また。


Tanya Alconcel said...

かっこい うた です!  I'm familiar with AKFG, Ayumi Hamasaki, High and Mighty Color, and Gackt, but not the rest. Nice picks, though. x)
Also, what does your blog title mean? As I tried to look up the definitions online, I'm gonna guess it's something like, "inviting misunderstanding" or something? lol.

Tiffany Lee said...

The Pillows?わたしもすきです。  2000年にThe Pillows のニューヨークのコンサ-トへいきました。  とてもいいですね!

villagejin_ian said...

@Tanyaさん: "To invite misunderstanding." looks like the best translation... unless by 「ごかい」 he means "sandworm."


Jonathan Bosk said...

The title does mean "to invite misunderstanding". Its a nod to the inherent difficulties of communication, so it seemed somewhat apt for this kind of blog.